Us reached the email of a cellist who bought at an auction at Ebay a WANKA bow which turned out to be a cheap forgery

 Hi Mr Wanka,

I bought a used cello bow stamped H.Wanka. But something seems wrong. It doesn't look the same as the ones I was admiring on your web site. Do the student grade bows have a different shape. Did you ever make themwith horn frogs? I'm attaching photos so you can see what I'm talking about.


As we got to know there are still fake Wanka bows on sale at Ebay. Unfortunately it is difficult to complain against. It is considered legal because the seller just says that it is stamped not made by H. Wanka

We can only warn from buying valueable  bows or even instruments from auctions on the Internet. Too many black sheeps are  already in the virtual trade.

In the following the pictures sent to us by the cellist which show the bow clearly as a forgery:

  • A horn-mounted frog (in this case probably plastic) would have the brand HERBERT WANKA

  • We never use whalebone imitation windings for this model.

  • Horn mounted frogs have always same colored horn buttons

  • Different shape of the head and cheap varnish


Screenshot of an Ebay-Auction for a fake WANKA-Cello-bow.

And another forgery sold on Ebay: