„Take a Bow 2011“ 

 The world’s largest international cello bow sales exhibition

October 10. to December 10.

Take a Bow is an exhibition particularly for cello bows founded by the British violinmakers Robin Aitchison and Sarah Mnatzaganian.The exhibition developed to the largest in its field. The bows of nearly 50 of the world’s finest contemporary bowmakers are offered to get explored and compared at one location.

The exhibition is travelling from town to town to give a large number of musicians the chance to try the bows. 

14. International Competition for VIOLINE Kloster Schöntal of the  Kulturstiftung Hohnelohe

25.08 - 05.09.2011

The violin competition turns to young artists till 21 years. Violin players of all nations can take part divided in three age groups (till 15 years, until 18 years, until 21 years), in the competition. The purpose is to discover young talents and to promote early, at an age which is decisively for the development of an instrumentalist. At an international level a comparison of the artistic abilities and the skill of the young players takes place in every age-group in a typical concert situation  more Info

Since years we support this competition with a Violin Bow awarded as a special price.

Watch out!


on sale at Ebay

Us reached the email of a cellist who bought at an auction at Ebay a WANKA bow which turned out to be a cheap forgery. more Info

Bow Workshop with William Salchow at the Banff Arts Center Canada

Christian together with William Salchow (New York) at the bow workshop  2005.

We are member of  I.P.C.I.

The I.P.C.I is a union of bowmakers from all over the world to promote the conservation and sustainable use of pernambuco wood.  more Info