We dedicate our work to the production of contemporary bows for violin, viola, cello and double bass after our personal models.


Our bows are stylistically based on the work of the masters Sartory, Lamy and Schuster. The models of the "Archet d'Artist" Line are developed on the work of Dominique Peccatte and Étienne Pajeot.


Another main focus of our workshop is the execution of restoration and service work. Also we can make copies of bows faithful to detail.


In our assortment finds the orchestra musician as well as the soloist the suitable bow.


As material we use exclusive carefully well-chosen and seasoned pernambuc and ebony wood from our wood stock, existing for over 30 years.


Only the combination of selected material with high craft precision and masterly expertise creates a Bow, that corresponds to the virtuoso development of the string instrument play.